Editor’s Note Nov. 2020: Gratitude Is The Everyday Attitude

It’s my birthday month! WooHoo! However, I was supposed to be in Vegas on November 5th for ‘Britney Day” on my 35th birthday, but as I’m typing this, America is imploding from 2020 with Coronavirus, racism, and a tug-of-war election with America’s Man-Child in Chief. So instead of enjoying a Continue Reading

Editor’s Note: September 2020: The Art Of Letting Go

September is here and I just want to say to it, “We don’t want nooo problems, we come in peace, I promise!” I’m honestly still reeling from the loss of Chadwick Boseman, a real life superhero and a forever representation of a strong Black, male lead both on-screen and in Continue Reading

A “Sprinkle of Joy” From The Original MaMaWoman, The Late Dr. Ardena Shankar

When I opened my phone this morning and saw the reminder for my Grandmother’s birthday today from Facebook, naturally I clicked on it, not really knowing what to expect since my grandmother had transitioned three years ago. Disclaimer: My Grandmother was NOT your average Grandma. She acknowledged her inner child, Continue Reading

Quarantine Life for Working Moms: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

It’s day 55,4128 of the mandatory quarantine, and if someone would have told me we would be in our homes 23 hours out of the day, arguing with a toddler over snacks and cartoons, I would’ve asked, “What crime did I commit?” But, here we are, and our new normal Continue Reading