Ya’ll Celebrating Thanksgiving Or Nah?

As we continue the year with political unrest and social injusticeamongst everything going on in 2020, it’s hard to say what exactly theHolidays will look like this year. As the true atrocities of Thanksgivinghave come to light over the years many, have chosen not to celebrateat all or completely replace Continue Reading

It’s Amazon Prime Day, yall!

2020 continues to stay “on-trend” by shattering traditions and re-creating what normal looks like, and now the retail industry is following suit. Amazon has surprised and delighted many by changing their annual Prime Day (since 2017) from July to October 13 th & 14 th . Many other large retailers Continue Reading

Revamping Your Resume? One Hiring Manager Shares Tips To Help Your Resume Stand Out

I know sis, you feel like Sunshine Anderson, “Heard it all Before” when it comes to updating your resume. It’s likely that if you are reading this, that you haven’t had to search for a new role in a while as just last year the national B.C. (Before Corona) unemployment Continue Reading