Editor’s Note Nov. 2020: Gratitude Is The Everyday Attitude

It’s my birthday month! WooHoo!

However, I was supposed to be in Vegas on November 5th for ‘Britney Day” on my 35th birthday, but as I’m typing this, America is imploding from 2020 with Coronavirus, racism, and a tug-of-war election with America’s Man-Child in Chief. So instead of enjoying a seafood buffet and rocking my pre-purchased birthday fits’ with the Hubs, I am sitting in my bed, toys scattered everywhere, in my pj’s at 2 pm, baby boy is sleep (finally), hubby at work, I’m about to order something tasty from DoorDash… and I am GRATEFUL AF! (I did, however, I did have some pictures taken and I must say, photoshoot therapy is the new retail therapy, shout out to Neek Poole Photography!)

2020 has hurt a lot of people, yes, but it has also HELPED many people too. Individuals began standing in their purpose in 2020. Which is why I constantly say don’t underestimate the bottom, because change and transformation happens there.

For example, Ms. Monica’s Circle Time on Youtube blew up during the pandemic gaining over 200,000 subscribers helping parents homeschool small children for the first time. Citizens said Stacey Abrams was “overlooked” since Biden chose Kamala over her, but in actuality, Stacey was right where she needed to be in Georgia getting 800,000+ voters registered that ultimately tipped the scales from red to blue.

What I’m trying to say is, when we begin to look at situations through our soul’s lens of gratitude, the glass is always half full no matter what is going on. Especially after hearing the history-making news of having an HBCU Alum, AKA soror as our current VP Elect, Kamala Harris. I’m not sure that could’ve happened without 2020 being as difficult as it has been. I mean “WOW! What a time to be alive, right!”

And now America can breathe a short sigh of relief knowing that the majority is ready to rid the country of hate and racism and it’s beautiful to witness. Now we’ll see if the Senate feels the same way, but I digress because all this work and no fun has been a drain!

We can now focus on more pertinent questions like “Who’s Making the macaroni and cheese?”

Or in the spirit of staying woke and social distancing, are we celebrating Thanksgiving or Nah?

What Fall beauty trends are worth trying this year?

What book should I read next?

Or even digging deeper into the actual practices of gratitude to easily incorporate into my days?

Whatever you decide, I hope that you do it with a sense of gratitude.