Editor’s Note: October 2020 What’s Working? And What’s Not?

Last month’s word of the month was ‘Transformation’, and I’m thinking that maybe it will continue being the theme for the rest of the fourth quarter of 2020 for this MamaWoman instead of the death, destruction, and sad but comical presidential debates that are being offered.

There’s so much that goes into ACTUALLY transforming, it doesn’t just happen overnight. And we know that just from carrying our littles ones for nine months…it’s levels to this -ish. Like first, “What is it that you even want/need to transform in your life?” If anything at all? Which led me to October’s Word of the Month, ‘Reflection’.

For me, I wanted to master time management and organization for my business and my family, so I flew into action and began my descent down Google’s endless rabbit hole in search of solutions.

Buying all kinds of apps, planners, calendars, and pinning productivity hacks as if my life depended on it, and if we’re being honest…it kinda’ did. The mental clutter was draining me, and all this aimless action was becoming counterproductive. I needed to do what I hadn’t done yet, which was truly take a step back and reflect and observe what (and who) was working in my life and what was not.

After keeping a food journal for a couple of weeks, I discovered a few things…like a certain caramel macchiato was indeed NOT my friend and any indulgent intake of sugar gave me headaches. Mental and emotional healthwise, I observed how my diagnosis of PMDD (Pre Menstrual Dysphoric Disorder) at the age of 18 was still getting the best of me two weeks out of every month even now in my 30s. And boy, finding THAT solution was a GAME CHANGER, I will elaborate on that later this month, but what I’m trying to say, is ‘REFLECTION’ is a major key.

Especially with October being Breast Cancer Awareness, Black women’s health is particularly important to observe and reflect on in addition to every other part of your life and how those factors truly impact how you feel overall.

Ask yourself, does that food make me feel terrible after eating it? Do you feel energized or drained after a conversation with a certain person? And with all this virtual learning, does my child learn better one way over another?

If you reflect and find peace with how things are going, GREAT! But if not, what steps will you take to improve your situation?

B. Knight