Bodycam Footage From Breonna Taylor Case Leaked To Social Media

…but didn’t Attorney General Daniel Cameron say there wasn’t any bodycam footage?

Only days following a grand jury’s decision to issue no charges against the Louisville officers who fatally shot Breonna Taylor, evidence from the case is now leaking out on social media and digital news sites, raising questions, and grief, about the investigation into her death.

According to the Courier-Journal, bodycam footage surfaced on Twitter over the weekend, despite Attorney General Daniel Cameron stating that there was no bodycam footage to release. In the video, you can hear Brett Hankison ask “Is there anybody dead?” following the standoff. 

The video footage was leaked by Kendrick Wilson. A Black man, who has a pending harassment suit against former Detective Brett Hankison and refers to him as a “dirty cop”. Kendrick Wilson, who obtained the footage from Breonna Taylor’s family lawyer, which by the way was supposed to be destroyed according to the $12 million settlement conditions, said in a tweet, “I’m not gonna spend time trying to prove anything, “I’m gonna spend time exposing corruption.”

Protect this man at all cost.

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