Wellness Wednesday: Health Benefits of “The Big O”

Sex or no sex, there are several ways to achieve the big O and there are health benefits from doing it.

Orgasms can relieve tension and migraines. When you orgasm your body releases dopamine which is referred to as the “pleasure chemical”.

Orgasms release the hormones oxytocin and estrogen. Oxytocin is commonly referred to as the “love drug” and gives a “high” comparable to cocaine (no wonder we be strung out over some ”d”), after sex, you may be inclined to cuddle and that is why on a scientific level; because who doesn’t want to cuddle after sex…don’t answer that…

According to www.livescience.com, estrogen are hormones that are important for sexual and reproductive development, predominately in women (yes men produce it too, just as women produce trace amounts of testosterone). They are also referred to as female sex hormones. is an important hormone for women and orgasms also aid in its release. Science can’t tell us why these hormones are released or what happens to a woman’s brain during orgasm, but we can definitely see the changes physically. Depending on the time of day an orgasm can be like taking melatonin or a big cup of coffee. Where the boost of energy comes from is unclear, but the sleepy or relaxing effect is from the chemicals released by having an orgasm.

Additionally, orgasms can help with menstrual cycles by relieving your body of cramps, and bringing on a steady normal flow…and who doesn’t want that? Scientists also believe orgasms can aid with fertility, creativity, confidence, and how you act socially.

So cheers to getting sexually in tune with yourself with or without a partner, and “coming” into your divine femininity!