Beauty Brand Spotlight: Black Owned, Woman Owned, Iwi Fresh

Are you a person who prefers clean products? Products with few chemicals and words we can’t pronounce? With so much overwhelming information thrown at us daily, I find it challenging to find actual clean, effective, and affordable beauty products.

Between what is harmful, to what is not, to what’s organic compared to the scale of what retailers consider organic and overcharge consumers. Then throw in black-owned brands and that just adds another filter to find what feels like barely anything. Fortunately, I’ve come across an amazing black-owned, woman-owned brand, Iwi Fresh.

Iwi Fresh is a brand you definitely want to try for yourself! With their “Farm to Face” philosophy Iwi Fresh, which stands for “it is what it is”, is a natural skincare line that really works. The brand is founded by Yolanda Owens. She believes in fresh products from the farm to your skin. I came across this brand while watching a reality tv show. Tammy Rivera and Waka Flaka were filming a scene in Iwi Fresh Spa in Downtown Atlanta. I went to check out the spa myself last summer, here’s what I got:

Squash-it-out cleanser $25.50

Lettuce-face-it toner $36.50

14-Carrot-glow moisturizer $35.50

After using their products my skin feels, so moisturized and has a beautiful, necessary glow perfect for summertime, especially since I don’t wear much foundations in the summer months. I love how the cleanser gently cleans my skin without harshly stripping away my natural oil, leaving my skin super dry. I’m not a fan of the smell of the Squash cleanser, but it definitely works. The toner and Carrot moisturizer are my favorite products so far. I’m currently on
my second round of using all 3 of those products again.

I’m so happy I came across this brand. I definitely enjoy seeing very few ingredients used to create the products. I’ve been focused on being more conscious of the black dollar and supporting black
businesses. Iwi Fresh’s customer service is great as well. I know we’ve all unfortunately had those bad experiences with small business when you order and don’t get your product in a timely manner or at all.

I think sometimes we should be a little more patient with small businesses. They don’t have a big corporate machine behind them, however I do agree it is important to do good business no matter the
size. If you got my money, I expect my product okay! When the business is right, the owner is great, and the product is great as well…why not support you know?! Check out Iwi Fresh products on their website
and also keep in touch with them on Instagram. You will not be sorry you invested your money!

Renata Nicole

Renata Nicole

My name is Renata. I am a licensed cosmetologist with over 13 years of experience. I am from the DMV area, but currently located in Atlanta. Ever since I was a child, I've loved hair and learning how to do different styles. In 2013 I did my own makeup for my wedding. After that experience, I fell in love with the art of makeup and committed to pursuing my career as a makeup artist. I provide mobile natural glam makeup and hairstyling services. I offer superior customer service and professionalism while creating a fun and judgment-free experience for each client. My goal is to empower women to be strong, courageous, and confident in their inner and outer beauty. You can view my work on my website at and connect with me!