Here’s What We Are Reading & Watching This Month…

Chazley Williams & Jasmin Merritt-Lloyd

If you are like us, the biggest joys of the quarantine have been catching up on reading and binge watching tv shows. So, take a journey with us this month as we read Terry McMillan’s new book It’s Not All Down Hill from Here and watch the Netflix series, Sweet Magnolias.

The book and the Netflix series both follow an evolution of growth of women who are leading their families. If you are a fan of Terry McMillan, you know she is known for writing about the best girlfriend tribes that are overcoming the tribulations of life, while still remaining tight. This group of friends are in their late 60s. Initially we thought this may not be relevant for our audience, but we saw so many parallels between women in the book and women we have encountered growing up! The friends are dealing with their own drama, while realizing aging doesn’t mean it’s not all downhill from here. 

As for the Netflix series, Sweet Magnolias, it also involves a group of friends trying to navigate life. The series, which stars singer Heather Headley, focuses on the trio building a business together in their small town while trying to navigate friendships, family and trials of life. We are excited to see how the series unfolds and reveals the Mama Woman strength that we all have! Sweet Magnolias is also based on a book series by Sheryl Woods. 

Come on girl! Go ahead take a dive into the new book and Netflix series, and we will review both at the end of this month. 


Chazley Williams

Writer, Editor, Wife, Caregiver, and Educator. Chazley picked up her passion for writing in college as she received her Bachelor’s of Arts in English & Political Science. She is currently an Academic Adviser, working on her Masters of Education and tutors young kids in English. She has written for newspapers, online magazines and has been an avid blogger. Chazley is currently the owner of Literary Dope Bookstagram, writer for Mamma Woman and co-editor for Dopamine Magazine. “I’m not a mother yet but my caregiving spirit makes me feel like one.” Chazley is a caregiver for her mother who has Dementia and helps caring for her niece & nephew. Chazley currently resides in Richmond, VA with her husband.