Mother’s Day Weekend 2020 Gift Guide

It’s almost Mother’s Day! Hands down the best holiday on the calendar, but I may be a bit biased. Mother’s Day is one day set aside to truly acknowledge and show appreciation for the women who gave birth to you, the women who birthed your children, or for women that you
have witnessed be incredible moms. What do you get someone that probably deserves the world? How do we celebrate our women during a pandemic?

Well here are some gift ideas for moms at different stages of motherhood:

The New Moms: Give her all the bells and whistles! She is elated to be in this new elite club, andshe wants to be celebrated at all cost. But also, keep in mind she is experiencing body changes, sleep deprivation, an all-new level of tired. Here are some gifts that will provide her some comfort and relaxation:

  • Comfy pajamas and house slipper: good for night feedings, naps during the day, and
    loose-fitting to help her heal from labor
  • Invest in her future, buy her an online course of choosing. The Masterclass app is a great start!
  • A journal: great for new moms that enjoy documenting their new journey
  • Professional Camera: you have no idea how many pictures she is about to take pics of her new baby
  • The Seasoned Mom: This mom is a pro at all things mom and is making it look easy!
    Mamawoman in true form. Her idea of any type of celebration for her is a damn break!
  • Hire a Chef for a day: If she is a foodie, hire a chef that will provide in-home cooking lessons. If she just needs a break from cooking, hire a chef that will prepare her favorite meals for the day. It’s a load off and an experience all at the same time.
  • Spa Day, please!
    A Day Off – All moms love their kids, but not hearing from them for a day can be one of the sweetest sounds. Give mom a day off by providing breakfast in bed, run her a bath, give a pedicure, clean the house for her, take the kids out so she can have the house to herself, cook dinner for her, or take out from her favorite place.
    The OG Moms: Our mothers and grandmothers! Give them their flowers while they are still here!
  • Customized Items: Grandmas love to fill their homes with family. Canvas print of a family photo, photo print blanket or pillow, customized coffee mug – keeping grandma close to the ones she loves even when we aren’t there.
  • DIY projects: this is especially good for the moms and grandmas that are retired. Give them a project that they have always talked about or aspired to do for years.
  • Books: If your mom/grandma is into reading, gift her with some best-sellers to keep her company.
  • Homemade Items: having the grandkids create a card, make a piece of jewelry, or write a sweet letter for your OG mom are all perfect gifts that she can appreciate for years to come.
Happy Mother’s Day!

Now we love our card and flowers but get creative. Nothing says thank you, like a simple Thank you from the people a mom care for the most. Showing her love and appreciation doesn’t have to
cost much or take a lot of work, its done by acknowledging her strength, loving her through her good and bad days, and thinking of her even when she is too busy to think of herself.

Natasha Gay

Although Natasha Gay has many talents, there is one PASSION that has been carved in her soul since a young child, and that’s writing. Her work reflects her spunky personality, blunt opinion, her broad intellect, and overall love for life.

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